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When Was The Last Time You…..? September 29, 2009

Posted by tantikris in poem.

Who help you grew up to be as you are today?

Who love you for no granted never ending day by day?

At the time you were exist their life turned into shift.

At the time you were born you were their precious gift.


By them you were delivered into this world.

They keep you protected from any harm in this hard world.

By them you were raised with all efforts without any groan.

They keep you directed so that you could stand by your own.


When you grew up they don’t sing you lullaby anymore,

but their pray for you keep continue more and more.

Wishing you all best thing for your goodness,

watching you succeed is their pride and happiness


They deserve to have respect and honor,

as a respond of what they have been doing.

Even they don’t expect it as an exchange,

how can you express  your grateful love and caring?


There are many ways to show your love and attention.

Honor your parents could be done in several definitions.

Some people said it’s not the quantity you should mention

But it’s the quality you should pay attention


I will see it from one simple thing,  which makes me ask and wondering :


When was the last time you spent your time with your mother?

When was the last time you spent your time with your father?

I mean really spent not just being together?

And how long does it takes do your time you spent together?


When was the last time I spent my time with my mother?

Just recently, the full seven days on my holiday

I look after her in her sickness condition all day.  

A little bit ashame that actually it wasn’t something I intended to do

but regarding to some circumstances so no choice I have to do.

I look at it as a blessing in disguise so that we could spent our time together,

I’m grateful I have a chance to have a moment of being together


When was the last time I spent my time with my father?

Almost a year ago, for a week vacation  when I come home to our hometown.

There was a time I remember when just the two of us went out to downtown.

We were so excited having our father-daughter moment,

so then I was thinking and planning to do it more often.

But unfortunately, my wish could not be achieved,

because at the end of the month he passed away and left me in grieve.

Our father-daughter moment that afternoon was our last precious time I will always remember,

it became a sweet memory that will last forever.


When was the last time you spent your time with your mother?

When was the last time you spent your time with your father?

It’s just a simple thing to show your honor.

Be grateful when you still have the time to do it.

Be joyful and be blessed when you have the chance to do it.


Honor you father and your mother, so that you may live long

in the land the LORD  your God is giving you.

(The Fifth Commandments)


1. DV - September 30, 2009

Kamu kok lama menghilang tho, Mbak? 🙂
Sibuk lebaran ya hihihihi 🙂

Iya nih Don, menghilang karena satu dan lain hal dan juga karena koneksi internet yang lagi dodol… duh, sebel deh. Apa saking lamanya nggak posting ya, (gaptek juga) ini susunan spasi dalam paragrafnya kok jadi seperti ini aku nggak bisa memperbaiki.
Wis, yang penting masih bisa dibaca deh..

2. vizon - September 30, 2009

Saya sudah cukup lama tidak bertemu dengan ortu. Kira-kira setahun lalu mereka berkunjung ke jogja, lebih kurang 2 minggu. selama itu saya manfaatkan waktu sebaik-baiknya dengan mereka. mengajak mereka berekreasi beserta para cucu… menyenangkan dan mudah-mudahan bisa membuat mereka bahagia…

Terus terang, saya sangat rindu ingin bersama mereka di rumah tempat saya dibesarkan, untuk beberapa saat. Tapi, sayang, saya belum punya “kesempatan”.

So, bagi yang masih punya kesempatan, manfaatkanlah sebaik-baiknya, karena kita tidak tahu, apakah masih bisa mendapatkan kesempatan itu esok hari… 😀

Benar Uda, berbahagialah yang punya kesempatan itu… 🙂

3. zipoer7 - October 4, 2009

Salam Takzim
Ayah bila kau masih ada maapkan lah aku
Ibu bila kau masid ada ampunkanlah aku
Robbi Ampunka segala dosan dan kesalahan mereka
Robbi tempatkan mereka ditempat terbaik mu
Salam Takzim Batavusqu

Amin… 🙂

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