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You Are on My Pray November 4, 2010

Posted by tantikris in poem.
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You are on my pray,
I am with you on your misery.
I could sense your dismay,
when trial came as a mistery.


I pray for your courage,
I pray for your strength.
So your fear will fade away,
and strong enough to overcome your hard days.


I pray for your health,
I pray for your emotion.
Wish that weakness never come,
just keep strong and stand still.


I pray for your serenity
to be calm though in disaster.
May you’ll be granted with wisdom
to act properly during any situation


I pray for your faith,
may you never loose hope.
I pray for your safety
and leave you in Thy Mighty Hands.


I pray for endurance,
I pray for survival during the trial.
When this all disaster end
we will see the silver lining/


You are on my pray,
on my thoughts in night and day.
Though distance keep us away,
all my heart with you to stay.