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A Dancing Poem of Friendship December 8, 2010

Posted by tantikris in poem.
Dance, hold my hands.
The music starts the rhythm beats.
The lovely smiles add up the cheers.
The joyful heart light up the spirits.


Dance, step your feet along with the melody.
Let the motion be the vibrant ectasy.
Adjust your steps with the mate’s move charily.
Together it will make the perfect harmony.


Dance, make your move and enjoy the beat.
Leave it all behind your sorrow and grief.
A friend will be pleased to be shared in happiness.
And someone to cherish when you are in sadness.


Dance,spin around, let your mate lead you.
Holding hands tight and you won’t be slipped.
Trusting each other is a key in friendship.
Affections and respect be needed in companionship.


Dance, adjust your move by the music.
Follow the beat and sense the motion.
Friendship is about a dynamic relation,
applying the art of handling up and down emotion.


Dance, let your soul follow the tune.
don’t let this moment be gone to soon.
Time and distance are not the barrier
to have a friendship that last forever.