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A Dancing Poem of Friendship December 8, 2010

Posted by tantikris in poem.
Dance, hold my hands.
The music starts the rhythm beats.
The lovely smiles add up the cheers.
The joyful heart light up the spirits.


Dance, step your feet along with the melody.
Let the motion be the vibrant ectasy.
Adjust your steps with the mate’s move charily.
Together it will make the perfect harmony.


Dance, make your move and enjoy the beat.
Leave it all behind your sorrow and grief.
A friend will be pleased to be shared in happiness.
And someone to cherish when you are in sadness.


Dance,spin around, let your mate lead you.
Holding hands tight and you won’t be slipped.
Trusting each other is a key in friendship.
Affections and respect be needed in companionship.


Dance, adjust your move by the music.
Follow the beat and sense the motion.
Friendship is about a dynamic relation,
applying the art of handling up and down emotion.


Dance, let your soul follow the tune.
don’t let this moment be gone to soon.
Time and distance are not the barrier
to have a friendship that last forever.

You Are on My Pray November 4, 2010

Posted by tantikris in poem.
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You are on my pray,
I am with you on your misery.
I could sense your dismay,
when trial came as a mistery.


I pray for your courage,
I pray for your strength.
So your fear will fade away,
and strong enough to overcome your hard days.


I pray for your health,
I pray for your emotion.
Wish that weakness never come,
just keep strong and stand still.


I pray for your serenity
to be calm though in disaster.
May you’ll be granted with wisdom
to act properly during any situation


I pray for your faith,
may you never loose hope.
I pray for your safety
and leave you in Thy Mighty Hands.


I pray for endurance,
I pray for survival during the trial.
When this all disaster end
we will see the silver lining/


You are on my pray,
on my thoughts in night and day.
Though distance keep us away,
all my heart with you to stay.

Daddy’s Blossoms February 5, 2010

Posted by tantikris in poem.

This is your orchid Dad, I saw it this morning bloom in our garden.
You used to be the gardener, taking care of them with your affection.
Eventhough you have gone, amazingly they keep blossom day by day.
They showed compassion, expression of love that never end day by day.
This is your orchid Dad, pretty and wonderful remind me of your love.
I picked them up, put on your graveyard, leave them with all my love.
The orchid keep blossoms, so does the memory of you in my heart.
As lovely as this blossoms that will last forever in my heart .

Lost in Your Eyes November 23, 2009

Posted by tantikris in poem.
I could see the stars glowing in your eyes,
in the way you look at me that made me feel so nice.
I could feel the peace when I see your smile,
the serene it brings stay longer in my heart more than  just a while.
I could see so much love shining in your eyes,
when you look at me even just a glance.
It said the words “I love you” that never came out,
but clearly understood as a silent shout.
We were so young and innocent when we fell in love,
blind and clueless  but I had my faith.
From the first time I knew you are the one that I love,
someone I would share all my life with.
Then we pledge our faithfulness each other,
wish that it will be last forever.
My tears were rolling when I heard you said your promise,
your eyes were hazy when you heard me said my promise.
“I take you as my wife – I take you as my man,
to have and to hold from this day forward,
for better-for worse, for richer-for poorer, in sickness or in health,
to love and to cherish, ‘till death do us part”.
Day by day, time goes by, we live our life,
our love stay still and safely keep alive.
Learning each other in many kinds of ways,
experiencing love in such a various ways.
It sometimes took us to a stormy weather,
it sometimes took us to a quiet stream.
It’s not like in the fairy tale love happily ever after,
but the happiness it brings is real more than I have dream.
I then realize how you translate your love to me,
by your caring rather than by words  that flattered me.
Often it expressed by simple acts but bring so many meaning,
or sometimes by funny things that made me laughing.
After so many years, still I can see so much love shining in your eyes,
sparkling when you look at me even just a glance.
How grateful we have each other, wish it never be apart,
let this feeling stay forever ‘till death do us part.
* The candid pictures were taken at Temple of Heaven, Beijing, October 23, 2009

When Was The Last Time You…..? September 29, 2009

Posted by tantikris in poem.

Who help you grew up to be as you are today?

Who love you for no granted never ending day by day?

At the time you were exist their life turned into shift.

At the time you were born you were their precious gift.


By them you were delivered into this world.

They keep you protected from any harm in this hard world.

By them you were raised with all efforts without any groan.

They keep you directed so that you could stand by your own.


When you grew up they don’t sing you lullaby anymore,

but their pray for you keep continue more and more.

Wishing you all best thing for your goodness,

watching you succeed is their pride and happiness


They deserve to have respect and honor,

as a respond of what they have been doing.

Even they don’t expect it as an exchange,

how can you express  your grateful love and caring?


There are many ways to show your love and attention.

Honor your parents could be done in several definitions.

Some people said it’s not the quantity you should mention

But it’s the quality you should pay attention


I will see it from one simple thing,  which makes me ask and wondering :


When was the last time you spent your time with your mother?

When was the last time you spent your time with your father?

I mean really spent not just being together?

And how long does it takes do your time you spent together?


When was the last time I spent my time with my mother?

Just recently, the full seven days on my holiday

I look after her in her sickness condition all day.  

A little bit ashame that actually it wasn’t something I intended to do

but regarding to some circumstances so no choice I have to do.

I look at it as a blessing in disguise so that we could spent our time together,

I’m grateful I have a chance to have a moment of being together


When was the last time I spent my time with my father?

Almost a year ago, for a week vacation  when I come home to our hometown.

There was a time I remember when just the two of us went out to downtown.

We were so excited having our father-daughter moment,

so then I was thinking and planning to do it more often.

But unfortunately, my wish could not be achieved,

because at the end of the month he passed away and left me in grieve.

Our father-daughter moment that afternoon was our last precious time I will always remember,

it became a sweet memory that will last forever.


When was the last time you spent your time with your mother?

When was the last time you spent your time with your father?

It’s just a simple thing to show your honor.

Be grateful when you still have the time to do it.

Be joyful and be blessed when you have the chance to do it.


Honor you father and your mother, so that you may live long

in the land the LORD  your God is giving you.

(The Fifth Commandments)

Saat Lemah Tak Berdaya July 15, 2009

Posted by tantikris in poem.

Setelah senantiasa aktif dengan segala karya
adakalanya kau sadari tiba-tiba tubuhmu lemah tak berdaya
Jangankan bekerja, untuk berpikir saja kepala terasa berat
inginnya berkarya tapi tubuh terasa penat

Olala.. kenapa dengan diriku?
Aku tak berdaya padahal banyak tugas yang menantiku
Ada banyak hal yang harus kukerjakan
Ada banyak hal yang harus kupertanggungjawabkan

Betapa anehnya terbaring lemah pada jam kerja
saat dimana mestinya kau sibuk bekerja  
Betapa sebalnya tidak bisa melakukan apa-apa
selain hanya diam tak mampu berbuat apa-apa



When Your Heart is Calling You February 1, 2009

Posted by tantikris in poem.

It’s a kind of feeling that made your heart feel so colorful,

a strange feeling but senses so right

It’s a kind of feeling that made you feel so merryful,

a strange feeling could be feel but cannot be seen by your sight


It’s a kind of feeling that made you feel precious by the heart

It’s a kind of feeling that bring a sweet melody your heart

As a sunshine that made you feel so warmed in the daylight

As a moonbeam that made you glowing in the dark night


Doa di Akhir Tahun December 30, 2008

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Ya Tuhan, Allah Yang Maha Baik,  

Kurasakan begitu cepatnya waktu  berlalu

Berbagai kisah telah mewarnai lembaran hari-hariku

Sampainya aku di akhir tahun ini membuatku  termangu,

Saat ini aku merenung, memohon ampun dan tertunduk malu


Kuingat betapa seringnya aku mengeluh, memohon ini dan itu,

tapi kurang menyadari betapa berlimpahnya berkatMu

Terkadang bila kesibukan menyita waktuku,

kuabaikan doa dan waktu teduhku bersamaMu


Tapi Engkau tetap setia ya Tuhan,

KasihMu tak berkesudahan

Saat kuhitung berkat yang telah Tuhan berikan,

betapa banyaknya hingga tak terkatakan


Blue Christmas December 22, 2008

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I’ll have a blue Christmas without you

I’ll be so blue thinking about you
Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree
Won’t be the same dear if you’re not here with me

 And  when those blue snowflakes start falling
That’s when those blue heartaches start calling
You’ll be doing alright with your Christmas of white

but I’ll have a blue, blue Christmas


This song sounds so familiar for me since I was a kid.

Every December my Dad used to play this recording and he always did

It used to be just a song Jim Reeves sang for us

but at present the lyrics really mean something for us

I’ll have a blue Christmas this December

It will be such a moment a little bit hard to remember


Untuk Ayah Tercinta November 10, 2008

Posted by tantikris in poem.

Betapa aku sangat mengagumimu saat ku kecil

Kau orang yang selalu tahu jawaban semua pertanyaanku

Kau  yang mengajarku berhitung dan ilmu pasti dari contoh nyata hal-hal kecil

Kau  yang mengajarku membaca hingga kusuka membaca segala buku


Wajahmu  teduh seperti yang selalu kuingat

Sabar dan selalu memandang segala sesuatu dengan hikmat

Senandung dan leluconmu membuat rumah kita selalu hangat

Kau tak pandai mengungkapkan perasaan tapi kami tahu kau mencintai kami dengan sangat


Kau yang mengenalkanku  pada musik yang indah,

darimulah kami mewarisi talentamu

Kau mengenalkanku pada seni dan mengapresiasinya secara batiniah,

Membuatnya jadi sesuatu yang memperkaya wawasan dan penyeimbang ilmu


Saat aku beranjak besar kau bukan lagi tokoh pandai sang segala tahu

Saat semakin banyak sumber lain yang kupelajari dan memberiku berbagai pengetahuan baru

Tapi tetap kau selalu sumber pengetahuanku, lebih dari ilmu, sesuatu yang  bermakna di kalbu

Yaitu pengetahuan untuk selalu berlaku bijak dan berhikmat dalam segala tingkah laku